Fun and interesting facts you need to know about Canada

Have you been to Canada before? Are you fond of Canadian culture? Are you friends with a Canadian? If you love Canada as much as other countries out there, then you will be surprise to know that there are a lot of fun facts that you should know about Canada.If case you don’t know, Canada is home to the friendliest and the happiest people in the world. Canadians are also known for having great culture and safe neighborhoods.

You will be surprised to know, that aside from them being the happiest people, they also share a lot of other fun little secrets that not a lot of people know about. If you are curious to know about these, here are some fun facts about Canada that you should definitely find out about:

Canada is the second largest country in the world

If you are familiar with your basic geography, Canada is actually the second largest country in the world right after Russia. If you look at a globe or a world map and compare the countries side by side, you will see that the second largest is actually Canada. So, if you are thinking in living in this country, it can be a good place to explore and a very nice place to go sight seeing. Since it is quite a large country, you will have no problem with living situations because Canada never runs out of houses.

Canada has the most educated people

Another fun fact about Canada, is maybe the fact that you didn’t know that they the most educated country in the world apart from them being the happiest and the friendliest people ever. Believe it or not, almost everyone in Canada has a college degree or has managed to finish their master’s degree.

Canada is home to a number creepy crawlies

This may make you cringe, but did you know that Canada was home to over 55,000 different species of insects? If you are not really a big fan of insects and you despise the word itself, this can be a very funny piece of information to know about. If you are going to visit Canada for the first time, it would probably be better that you steer clear of any grassy areas.

Canada has all the lakes

You think the United States has enough lakes? Well, you thought wrong, because Canada has more lakes than rest of the worlds lakes combined. If you try to look this up, you will find that at least one city in Canada has a lake somewhere outside the city proper like Alberta, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto (where the famous lake Ontario is located), Ottawa, Quebec, Montreal, and etc. this is amazing, because if you live remotely close to the lake, you get to see it up close and appreciate the beauty of it.

Canada holds record for the most gold medals won at the Olympics

If you are a huge fan of Canada, then you will be glad to know that Canada actually holds the record for the most gold medals every won during the winter Olympics. They have won a total of 14 god medals.